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BBLEGAL CONSULT is established to provide seasoned legal advisory services to our clients locally and internationally. We are your reputable personal lawyers and grant you access to our team of legal consultants with a click.

We provide strategic and innovative solutions to legal problems and exist to ensure our clients are on better footing after every engagement.

Our vision is to make legal services available and affordable to all our clients. Retainership will no longer be for only a privileged few but for all our subscribers.

We are a team of business oriented, mediators, and conciliators who have your best interest at heart.

We operate virtually and physically where required in every part of the nation. At BBLEGAL CONSULT, we connect you to the best of minds to handle your matters in a bespoke manner.

Practice Area

Company Secretarial Services

We are your corporate and governance advisor. Certified Boardroom professionals, we ensure your compliance with regulatory bodies, and poised to put your business on the A List of any KYC checks. We provide corporate and commercial services to our clients including tax advisory services.

Legal Advisory

Life is centered around law. Before you engage the next steps in your business operations, seek the counsel of our lawyers.

Business Registration

The world will regard ideas that have been set in a legal environment. Register your businesses today in a timeous and

Contracts Negotiation and Review

Our lawyers are handy in proofreading, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contractual documents to the advantage of our clients.


The world is far embracing alternative means of settling disputes. Disputes are not prepared for at occurrence; let us infuse all your agreements with arbitration to protect your time and resources. We go all the way to represent your interest.

Prison Decongestion Services

We provide the link to bodies and firms that render probono services to inmates awaiting trials as well as indigent persons who are unable to afford the services of a lawyer.

Our Team

Our Qualified Lawyer

Joyce Ajayi-Adegor

Joyce Ajayi-Adegor is an attorney and policy analyst. She brings to her work a background in law, government, and nonprofits.

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She's worked with local and international organizations in powering social change in the communities they serve. Her policy interests include government transparency, empowering women, and child rights.

She is a candidate in the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Leadership Studies program at the University of Central Arkansas, USA. She holds a master’s degree in public service from the University of Arkansas’s Clinton School of Public Service and law degrees from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and the Nigerian Law School.

Her work on government transparency has been published in the Southwest Business and Economic Journal and her writings have been featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Todun Afolabi

Todun Afolabi, is a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University and the University of Arkansas

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Clinton School of Public Service. She is passionate about humanitarian efforts and the policies that govern them. Todun currently works as the US Mobilization Manager at World Relief.